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Fibre optic cabling consists of ultra-thin strands of glass that are able to carry digital information over incredibly long distances. Current estimations show that fibre optic cables can carry a signal over a distance of up to 100 kilometres. There are plenty of benefits to using fibre optics, including a further carrying distance and less disruption of its signal. They also are more energy efficient than other alternatives which saves money for individuals and businesses. For all your fibre cabling needs Melbourne, look no further than CED Services. 

We have a team of highly-trained and professional optical fibre technicians, who will install your fibre cabling in an efficient and tidy manner. The team aims to complete fibre optics installations quickly, which allows you to get back onto your landline as soon as possible. 

Our fibre cabling services are catered towards a wide range of projects and clients, including residential housing, real estate agents, government co-op’s, hospitality, aged care facilities, industrial facilities, commercial businesses and builders.

In addition to Melbourne fibre optics cabling services, we offer other electrical services, including commercial electrical services, residential electrical services, and maintenance electrical services as well as fire protection services. If you want to install or maintain fibre cabling with the help of CED’s Melbourne fibre cabling services, contact us today.

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