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At CED services, we have a dedicated division that offers fire protection services across Melbourne. Our fire protection services include the complete package of installation, contracting and maintenance services. We also offer emergency lighting and exit testing in Melbourne to ensure fire safety in your home, office or commercial space.

Dry Pipe Installation and Maintenance

A dry pipe sprinkler system is one in which the pipes are filled with pressurised air or nitrogen, rather than water. Dry sprinkler systems provide reliable protection for properties exposed to fires. But the additional components they require compared to a traditional wet sprinkler system, can make installation a challenge. At CED Services Group, we provide superior installation services. We also carry out routine testing, repairs and upgrades on your dry pipe sprinkler systems to ensure fire protection and safety.

Our highly trained and experienced team works very closely with facility managers, builders and fire engineers to ensure that the buildings are compliant with fire safety regulations.

Emergency Warning Fire Detection Intercommunication Systems

Fire indicator panels (FIP) senses the presence of a fire by way of smoke & heat detectors. Each detector is linked back to the panel, advising of the relevant zone of the building where the fire has been detected. If the FIP is a monitored type, the fire brigade will attend. Fire detection systems are a great way to protect your business
Emergency Warning & Intercommunication Systems (EWIS) and Occupant Warning Systems (OCS) are interconnected to either the fire detection or suppression systems to activate automatically. These systems are used to warn occupants of an emergency and assist in the evacuation of the building



Fire Protection Services carry out regular routine maintenance / servicing/ testing to Australian standards with accompanying service and test sheets.



Fire Protection Services carry out new commercial buildings and alterations, to meet current Australian Standards, budgets and estimates.


24hr Emergencies

Fire Protection Services have a 1300 emergency hotline for the unexpected through agreed maintenance contracts in place. Experienced professionals are on hand.


Emergency Lighting and Exit Testing

If your business is based in a building, it is mandatory that there are clear evacuation strategies for emergencies. Emergency lighting and exit testing will ensure your business has a clear exit path for these situations. Evacuation lighting is crucial during fires, blackouts and electrical failures. A clearly lit path not only provides safe guidance to the exit route but also helps reduce panic in dangerous situations.

According to the Building Code of Australia, an emergency lighting system must be installed on every level of a building, where a storey has a floor space of more than 300m2. The system must be installed in every hallway that is a part of the evacuation path. The same goes for any room that has a floor space more than 100m2 and does not open to a hallway. Exit signs must be installed above doors and be clearly visible.

The AS2293.2:1995 standard states that emergency lighting and exit signs must be tested at least every 6 months. This includes a trained professional testing the lamps and replacing any defective lighting, as well as a 90 minute discharge test. Additionally, annual testing must also be carried out. Along with inspection, annual testing is aimed at cleaning of fittings and reflective surfaces.


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