Fire Protection Services – Doncaster Apartments

CED services were contracted to assist with the construction of some apartments located in Doncaster. Doncaster is located about 15km north-east from Melbourne CBD. It is a popular suburb and is located between the city and the north eastern suburbs. The area is ideal for families who need to be close to the city for work, but also want lots of greenery and parks for their children and/or pets.

Fire Protection Services provided:

  • Evacuation System installation
  • Sprinkler Monitoring
  • Mechanical Monitoring
  • Fire Panel
  • Smoke Detection
  • Thermal Detection

These apartments were constructed keeping in mind the overall feeling of the suburb. All apartments  provide all the modern necessities that any tennant would require, and the design was made keeping in mind the aesthetics of the neighbourhood. The apartments are minimalistic, spacious and brightly lit with natural light. 

The fire protection services that we installed in these apartments are essential for the safety of all tenants, and we highly recommend that anyone building apartments or a new house, also install these fire protection services.

Looking for residential fire protection services in Melbourne?

CED Services Group is a Melbourne based electrical contracting business established in 2013. WIth over 70 years of team experience, we specialise in electrical, communication and fire protection services. We have established our place in the industry by carrying out a range of projects and have signed multiple maintenance contracts throughout Victoria. We take safety very seriously and sit down with our clients to chalk out their requirements and details of the project. We leave the premises after completing the work as clean as it was before. Our expertise and standards of safety set us apart from the other service providers in the industry. 

To find out more about our electrical, communication and fire protection services in Melbourne or to get more details about the projects we have worked on in the past, please contact us. Our experienced team is always happy to help!