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We offer fire protection in Melbourne as one of our key services. CED has a dedicated division CED Fire Protection that install, service, maintain and engage certification in fire protection services

At CED Services, we pride ourselves on exceeding customer expectations, providing superior service, and always going the extra mile. We also offer a range of fire protection services that ensures fire safety in your home, office or business, in addition to our electrical contracting and maintenance cabling services. 

CED installs, services, maintains and engages in certification in the following: 

  • Dry Pipe Installation and Maintenance

Our highly trained and experienced team of fire protection installers work very closely with facility managers, builders and fire engineers to ensure that buildings are compliant with fire safety regulations. A dry pipe sprinkler system is one in which pipes are filled with pressurised air or nitrogen, rather than water. We provide routine testing, repairs and upgrades on your dry pipe sprinkler systems to ensure fire protection and safety.  

  • Emergency Lighting and Exit Testing

CED specialises in emergency lighting and fire exit testing in Melbourne. Our highly experienced specialist staff are trained in routine testing, repairs, upgrades and new installations of emergency systems.   

We happily provide professional fire protection services to Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs, Eastern Suburbs and Southeastern Suburbs. If you want to ensure top quality fire protection for your house or business contact us today.

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