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At CED, we have a team of highly-trained and experienced electricians at the ready for RCD testing in Melbourne and its surrounds. Our team has a combined experience of over 70 years, enabling us to take on a wide range of potentially challenging projects and executing them at an extremely high level of safety and quality. At CED, there is no compromise for safety. That’s why our highly experienced master electricians only use OHS/WHS compliant equipment for RCD Testing and keep up to date with the latest industry knowledge to ensure that both we, and your office, stay on board with current safety standards.

Residual Current Device (RCD) testing is the process of safely “tripping” your RCD to ensure it will operate quickly should there be an electrical incident. This is also known as safety switch testing. Your RCD is designed to trip, or switch off all the power to that circuit if something is amiss. Its role is to detect faults within an electrical socket and prevent severe electrical shocks from occurring. It’s essentially a life saving device within your commercial space or home, that’s typically located on a switchboard. If you have a faulty appliance and a faulty RCD, it may not trigger within the required time which can result in extremely harmful or fatal electric shocks. An RCD that is slow to trip or fails to trip can put lives at risk. This is why they must be regularly tested by trained technicians using properly calibrated test equipment.

At CED, we pride ourselves on our expertise and knowledge of RCD testing services for your safety, around Melbourne. We also offer electrical services, including commercial electrical services, residential electrical services, and maintenance electrical services as well as fire protection services. We proudly serve clients all around Melbourne, including the south eastern suburbs, eastern suburbs, and Melbourne’s northern suburbs. Unsure if your RCD is in working order? Are you looking for RCD testing services in Melbourne? Please do not hesitate to contact us today.


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